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My areas of expertise include urbanization and metropolitan areas; industrialization; sustainable development; labour markets; transport and housing; economic growth, productivity and efficiency; specialization; location and spatial distribution of economic activities; urban and regional policy;  governance.


1. Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2024). Trajectories and realities of regional economic development in Mexico. Bonilla-Artigas editores. (In Spanish)

2. Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2024). Building from the metropolitan: economies and development strategies in Mexico. El Colegio de México. (In Spanish)

3. Negrete, María Eugenia and Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (Coords.) (2024). Urban mobility in contemporary Mexican society: Proceedings of the Second International Meeting of Urban and Environmental Research. El Colegio de México. (In Spanish)

4. Trejo Nieto, Alejandra and Niño Amezquita, José Luis (Eds.) (2021). “Metropolitan Governance in Latin America”. London: Routledge. 

5. Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2019). “Metropolitan Economic Development. The Political Economy of Urbanisation in Mexico.” London: Routledge.

6. Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2017). "Manufacturing location, trade openness and regional disparities in Mexico. Economic and spatial organization under a new development model." El Colegio de Mexico. (In Spanish)

7. Trejo Nieto, Alejandra, Edith Pacheco and Adolfo Sánchez Almanza (2017). "Research and contemporary approaches in urban studies. History, social organization and spatial structure in Mexican cities." Edited book. El Colegio de Mexico. (In Spanish)


1.    Bautista, D. y Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2024). Who uses transit in the journey to work? Multimodality, equity, and planning implications in México City.  Journal of Transport Geography. 

2.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2024). “'Place-based strategies for sustainable and inclusive regional development in the South of Mexico”. Review of Regional Research. pp. 1-20.

3.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2024). “Green Industrial Policies for Sustainability and Resilience”. The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Sustainable Resources and Ecosystem Resilience, Live Edition. 

4.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra, Miguel-Cruz, Andrés, Mayett-Moreno, Yésica and Vera-Muñoz, María (2023). “Ethics and organizational performance before and during COVID-19 in Mexican hospitals within urban areas”. Horizonte Sanitario. 22(2): 353-364.

5.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2022). “The political economy of a North–South trade agreement and the development prospects for Mexico: from NAFTA to USMCA”. Area Development and Policy. 8(1): 103-124.

6.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2021). “The geography of financial condition in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area”. Local Economy: The Journal of the Local Economy Policy Unit. 1-18.

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11.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2017). “Regional structure and demographic-economic polarization in Central Mexico”. Estudios Regionales en Economía, Población y Desarrollo. Cuadernos de Trabajo de la Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Num. 38.

12.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2017). "Economic growth and industrialization in the 2030 agenda: outlook for Mexico". Problemas del Desarrollo, Institute of Economic Research, 48 (188): 83-111. 

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14.    Esqueda Walle, Ramiro and Alejandra Trejo Nieto (2014). "Local development and competitiveness in the context of liberalization and integration; local analysis in Tamaulipas", Región y Sociedad, XXVI (59): 113-150. (Spanish)

15.    Ibarra Armenta, Cristina and Alejandra Berenice Trejo Nieto (2014). “Regional competence: an analytical framework for its study". Economía, Sociedad y Territorio. XIV (44): 49-78. (Spanish)

16.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2013). "Metropolitan economic efficiency: Imbalances and decay in Mexico". Regional Insights. 4 (2): 9-11. 

17.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2013)." The Economies of the Metropolitan Areas of Mexico in the Early 21st Century ", Estudios Demográficos y Urbanos, 28 (84): 545-593. (Spanish)

18.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2013). “Challenges of Competitiveness in Mexico's Northern Border as Part of Global Rebalancing”. Critical Note. Frontera Norte, 25 (50): 213-221. (Spanish) 

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26.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra Berenice (2008). “Regional disparities in the Mexican manufacturing sector”. Problemas del Desarrollo. Revista Latinoamericana de Economía, (154): 87-109. (Spanish)

Book chapters

1.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2022). “Cities facing economic development challenges: the case of Mexico City Metropolitan Area”. In Flinger, M. (ed.), The Elgar companion to urban infrastructure governance: innovation, concepts and cases. Edward Elgar. 

2.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2022). "An overview of the relationship of the Sustainable Development Goals and urban and regional development". In Brears, R. (ed.), The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures, Living Edition. Palgrave Macmillan. 

3.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2021). “A review of regional development, disparities, and public policies in Mexico: Reflections on an environment of strategic reconfigurations”. In De León Arías, A. y Aroca, P. (eds.),  NAFTA’s Impact on Mexico’s Regional Development. Springer-Nature, pp. 1-27. 

4.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2019). “Past, present and future of development, disparities and regional policy in Mexico. Reflections in an environment of strategic reconfigurations”, in De León Arías, Adrian (coord.), El desarrollo económico regional en México: Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte, exportaciones, modelos de innovación, multinacionales e inversión pública. Universidad de Guadalajara. (Spanish)

5.    Negrete, María Eugenia and Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2019). “Macroeconomic evidence of the territorial configuration in central Mexico”, in Jaime Sobrino y Vicente Ugalde (coord.), Desarrollo urbano y metropolitano en México. El Colegio de México, México. (Spanish)

6.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra and Negrete, María Eugenia (2019). “Structural economic analysis in the central region of Mexico based on a social accounting model for 2013”, in Alejandro Dávila (coord.), Modelos económicos de las regiones de México. Miguel Ángel Porrúa and Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, México. (Spanish)

7.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2018). “Mexican economic growth, its challenges and contradictions”, in Raymundo M., Campos Vázquez y Fausto Hernández Trillo (coords), Buen diagnóstico, buena solución. Los retos de la economía mexicana, Fondo de Cultura Económica, México. (Spanish)

8.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2018). “Urbanization, metropolis and periphery: a perspective from the labor market”, in La periferia como Patrimonio Cultural Urbano, Nuria Sanz (Ed.). UNESCO- México, pp. 115-128. (Spanish)

9.    Mercado, Alejandro, Ortiz Antoranz, Pedro and Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2018). “Five peripheral neighborhoods of Mexico City. A fieldwork investigation”, in La periferia como Patrimonio Cultural Urbano, Nuria Sanz (Ed.). UNESCO- México, pp. 221-279. (Spanish)

10.    Sanz, Nuria, Muñoz, Inti, Mercado, Alejandro, Ortiz Antoranz, Pedro, Trejo Nieto, Alejandra and Restrepo, Federico (2018). “The periphery of Mexico City as Urban Cultural Heritage. A knowledge model, recommendations, action guidelines and a proposal for a digital platform”, in La periferia como Patrimonio Cultural Urbano, Nuria Sanz (Ed.). UNESCO- México, pp. 283-304. (Spanish)

11.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra y Sobrino, Jaime (2018). “Identification of industrial clusters in the Altiplano-central-north region”, in Economía regional en México: perspectivas y avances, Castro Lugo, David et al. (coords.), Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, México, pp. 45-71. (Spanish)

12.    Dominguez Paniagua, Paola and Alejandra Trejo Nieto (2016). “Localization, concentration and spatial separation of labour demand and supply in the Mexican Metropolitan Areas, the case of Toluca”, in Mercado laboral. Situación, retos y desafíos. David Castro Lugo and Reyna Elizabeth Rodríguez (Coordinators). Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. (Spanish)

13.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2016). “The metropolitan-regional structuring in Mexico and its relation to the current status of the territorial economic policy”, in Urbanización y Política Urbana en América Latina. María Eugenia Negrete (Editor). El Colegio de México. (Spanish)

14.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra, Gustavo Garza and Jaime Sobrino (2015). “Intersectoral and interregional input-output relations of the Altiplano-Centre-North region”, in Modelos Interregionales de Insumo-Producto de la Economía Mexicana. Alejandro Dávila Flores (Coordinator), MA Porrúa Ed. (Spanish)

15.    Ibarra Armenta, Cristina and Alejandra Berenice Trejo Nieto (2014). “Territorial competition in the Northwest region of Mexico” in Desarrollo Económico Territorial: Visión y Experiencias desde la Región Norte de México. Pablo Wong González, Luis Nuñez Noriega, Vidal Salazar Solano (Coordinators), AM Editores. (Spanish)

16.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra and Odra A. Saucedo Delgado (2013). “Decent work, public policy and corporate social responsibility”, in El mercado laboral frente a las transformaciones económicas de México. David Castro Lugo (coordinator). Saltillo, Coahuila. Plaza y Valdés. Pp. 205-234. (Spanish)

17.    Ruiz Rivera, Naxhelli and Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2013). "Labour markets and poverty in rural-urban transition areas", in Dimensiones socioeconómicas de la pobreza en México. Gilberto Aboites y Gustavo Félix (Coordinators). Coahuila, México. Ed. Plaza y Valdés. Pp. 115-142. (Spanish)

18.    Martinez Gómez, Francisco Trejo Nieto, , Alejandra Berenice, Bonnano, Alessandro and Constance, Douglas (2010). “Globalization and economic restructuring: the case of the poultry industry in Mexico”, in Patrones de Consumo Alimentario. Gilberto Aboites (Coordinator). Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. Pp. 95-120. (Spanish)


19.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra Berenice (2010). “Durango: Articulation between the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors”, in Geografía del sector servicios en el norte de México, Gustavo Garza (Coordinator). El Colegio de México. (Spanish)

Book reviews

1.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2023). The Routledge handbook of urban studies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Journal of Urban Affairs.

2.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2022). “Urban Diplomacy. A Cosmopolitan Outlook”. Journal of Urban Affairs, Taylor & Francis. 44(10): 1532-1534.

3.    Trejo-Nieto, Alejandra (2020). “Financialising city statecraft and infrastructure”. Regional Studies, Taylor & Francis, 54(7): 1005–1006.

4.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra (2011). "Geografía del Sector Servicios en el Norte de México", in Equilibrio Económico. Revista de Economía, Política y Sociedad. Año XII, Vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 225-231. (Spanish)

5.    Trejo Nieto, Alejandra Berenice (2010). “Geografía regional. La región, la regionalización y el desarrollo regional”, José Gasca Zamora, Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas, UNAM. In Región y Sociedad. (Spanish) 

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