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Welcome to the website of Alejandra Trejo Nieto, a Professor specialized in urban and regional development. With experience as a lecturer, consultant and author, she has developed a reputation as a fresh and inspiring voice in her area of expertise.


Alejandra is an economist, holds a Master degree in Regional Economics and a PhD in Development Studies. She is currently a professor at the Centre for Demographic, Urban and Environmental Studies, El Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City. She is ambassador to Mexico and chair of the Latin America division of the Regional Studies Association.

Her research agenda reflects significant interdisciplinary concerns about the issues of urbanisation, urban and regional economic development, governance and policy.



Alejandra publishes on a regular basis. She focuses on honest inquiry, unbiased research and the dissemination of ideas that has made her a go-to expert in her field.


Recent articles

Urban and regional economics deals with the spatial aspects of economic activity. It explores how and why economic activities are located in specific geographic areas, and the effects of these locations on economic outcomes. 

Who uses transit in the journey to work? Multimodality, equity, and planning implications in México City.  

Place-based strategies for sustainable and inclusive regional development in the South of Mexico

Green Industrial Policies for Sustainability and Resilience

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